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Capital TV Live Streaming

Capital TV Live Streaming

From here everyone can easily watch every news of this capital TV live with the every current information about every thing
naeema, MULTAN Thursday, May 30 2019
Noe here we have the facility to get wathc the any news first authentically with the every updated ifnomrtaion by thiscapital tv live tv channel
samar, karachi Monday, May 27 2019
This is really good way for watching the capital live TV channel any news on the bases of authentic information as we need to know that
samar, HADRABAD Monday, May 27 2019
capital tv is a good tv channel because on this channel all news are authentic and they gives us many knowledge.
omer, faislabad Wednesday, May 22 2019
Imran khan just beat about the bush and he never did anything as a prime minister that he promised so people are wrong who still support him
maafia, lahore Tuesday, April 30 2019
If you are a news person and you want to watch news online than this is the best website for that purpose and very easy to use
sultan, lahore Saturday, April 27 2019
This is really good way for us because from here we watch the repeat dramas and every show in repeat that is impossible to watch in TV
narmeen, MULTAN Saturday, April 27 2019
this website provide us good facility . specially it gives us live streaming which is very helpful because we have no tv.
saira, bahawalpur Friday, April 26 2019
Now here provide the online TV channel of capital TV that give us the many dramas and the interesting shows who everyone like to watch that
nayla, MULTAN Thursday, April 25 2019
capital tv is new tv channel on this channel I listen many news about our country and other countries. This channel gives us authentic news.
farah, lahore Wednesday, April 24 2019
At this TV channel f capital TV comes many interesting dramas and shows that we watch that very eagerly of their interesting stories
AYAT, HADRABAD Monday, April 22 2019
Pakistan has too many problems and if we think that only the leader can solve it we are wrong. Because if we don’t do anything the leader could not do anything for us
osama, wazirabad Saturday, April 20 2019
Brilent Affan Usman rangooni. Hamari web promote .Brilent people .Good
Farooq, Karachi Tuesday, February 19 2019
There have been twelve presidents of Pakistan since the introduction of the post
in 1956.
hamsa, Wazirabad Tuesday, January 29 2019
Here available the whole video about the dawn news that give us the every
live update with the help of this online channel
Kashif, Faislabad Sunday, January 27 2019
Capital TV is the good channel which has the really good live streaming and has the really good streaming where you can easily get the good information
ammar, karachi Saturday, January 26 2019
Ususally I can watch the live nws by this online live capital channel who give us the
good updates of us as I need to watch that about any thing
bilal, okara Thursday, January 24 2019
The every update about the capital TV having in this online way who give us the facility for watching the any show and drama repeat telecast
aleena, lahore Wednesday, January 23 2019
Here having the whole TV channel update of capital TV that I can easily watch that usually that gives the many live channel at there
roshni, karachi Sunday, December 16 2018
Now I can easily watch the capital TV news live by this online way that gives the every news authentically about the politics and the other things
Khalid, karachi Friday, December 07 2018
Mathspace launches major Common Core content upgrade
Catering IGA service, Can’t reach this page Saturday, November 03 2018
Capital tv live is the one channel I am loyal with because of their well-updated news.
Yaseera, Lahore Saturday, August 18 2018
I use to watch Capital TV live a lot but due to their pro government agenda I have switch my loyalty to another news channel. Capital news was a really good initiative towards the country progress but unfortunately, they were diverted from that.
Danish, Gujranwala Tuesday, July 24 2018
The reporting staff of Capital TV news is well organized, many times I watch the breaking news in this English channel but this channel need some famous political programs.
usman, khi Tuesday, July 24 2018
Capital tv live is just the channel we all need to stay updated with the political news, how many votes they got and it’s just amazing! I am very happy.
Esha, Karachi Saturday, July 21 2018
All government officers, army officers, court judges, police officers etc are
travelling morning from the buses to reach there offices and there is no
difference feeling in life but now they are traveling in protocol and in costly
cars which is highly costly and ultimately people of Pakistan beard the cost.
Kahid, Lahore Saturday, July 21 2018
The capital TV is the one and only TV channel that mine mother watch that very eagerly because here comes many live shows as she like that
Danish, KARACHI Friday, July 20 2018
This is really helpful way to get watch the every news by this capital TV that provide us the every updates about the every news correctly
alishba, karachi Friday, July 13 2018
I was going to vote for Imran Khan’s PTI but looks like I don’t know which party is worth giving vote to anymore. Thank you capital TV live for always giving to the point news.
areeba khan, Lahore Wednesday, June 27 2018
thanks for latest news .Allah ka shukr hy sub bachat ho gaee.Allah Pak Reham farmaey .aameen
syed awais kazmi, Muzaffarabad Wednesday, January 31 2018

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